FTF Tax Services


I was drawn into the Income Tax Preparation Industry through an advertisement from the then newly founded Liberty Tax Services promoting their franchise ownership.   As an introduction to the company, in early 2001, I attended a locally sponsored training class with a local tax lawyer and then drove to South Carolina where I was put to work at three Liberty Tax Service offices in the Charleston area.


After about 6 weeks of on-the-job training I had the opportunity to witness a side of Tax Preparation I knew almost nothing about and I had the chance to work with one very qualified CPA as well as a bunch of rather unqualified people.   Although I value my experience, ultimately, I wasn’t impressed with Liberty Tax Services, but it did get me started.

I officially started Tax Preparation in 2002 and to say things have changed over the years would be an understatement.   Most people tend to believe that the Tax Industry has become easier and more automated, however my experience has taught me the exact opposite.   The very technology which helps automate Tax Preparation has also increased its complexity.   One of the worst mistakes being made today is caused by complacency.   Humility and vigilance are my greatest allies.

As I look back on my past in this industry, one of the biggest mistakes I’ve witnessed being made by so many people is that they often trust the wrong people to help them fulfill their tax obligations.   Throughout the history of mankind there have always been criminals and corruption, this may always be true.   I don’t really know if there is more or less crime and corruption today then there has been in the past, what I do know is that our personal information has never been more public and there has never been more ways to share information.

For this reason, we all need to be very cautious as to whom we trust our privileged information.   Tax Preparation is private and personal, don’t trust it to just anyone.

Robert Gohrs