Tax Preparation


All Tax Preparers work for the IRS

The IRS does employee tens of thousands of people, but these employees are not hired as Tax Preparers (or any other kind of a Tax Related Preparer).

Everyone who Prepares Taxes for other people work through another organization such as Non-Profit Organization such as a College or a Business such as an Accounting Firm or just Independently on their own recognizes.


The IRS does provide some training and certification of Tax Preparers (not employed with the IRS), but the truth be told, what they provide is seriously lacking.

I use IRS.gov constantly throughout the years as a resource. I have access to the IRS Practitioner Priority Service which helps me collect information on Collection Accounts. I have access to the IRS eServices which helps me perform a few Online Tasks. And I have to IRS Stakeholder Liaison which provides resources for ongoing continuing education.

All these are great tools which are available to Qualified Tax Professionals however when it comes down to it Tax Professionals are totally on their own when it comes to acquiring training, answers to questions, and assistance with Laws, Rules, and Regulations.


You may or may not know, but in recent years the IRS’s Budget has been slashed and Telephone Customer Support has been seriously damaged and in some cases just isn’t available at all. When I started a decade and a half ago I use to take my questions directly to the IRS Phone Support and even though help wasn’t the best, it was available. I stopped using this service many years ago because it’s just a huge waist of my time.