Tax Preparation


Tax Preparers only work during Tax Season

This has never happened to me once in 17 years. I often work steadily throughout Tax Season, the season has its ups and downs, but my preparation for next Tax Season starts when the current Tax Season officially closes.

I have to finish filing Extensions for my customers which I will have to return too weeks or months later to complete that work. I have to go back and review each and every Customer’s account to verify that their Tax Return was accepted and is being processed.

My continuing education is ongoing, but it intensifies towards the end of the year when Congress starts finalizing the Tax Laws for the upcoming Season. I have to attend Tax Update Classes and do some reading to keep up-to-date.

I have to make certain my PTIN and EFIN accounts are renewing. Some states require registration which need completed each year. I have to plan out my pricing and update it with the new requirements.

When my software is released I have to transfer my settings and update customer forms and letters. I have to register with the Bank I use for Fee Collect (Bank Product which allows you to pay using your Refund) and a refresher exam must be completed. I have website updates, question updates, and new regulation updates.

And those are just the highlights.