Business Partner Search


I’m in the process of searching for a business partner in the accounting and tax preparation industry with whom I can collaborate and excel my business and yours to the next level.   I’ve learned over the years the best way to achieve something of value is to first give something of value, so in that spirit, I’ve developed an informative online video presentation which includes a summary of some of the very best concepts and insights I’ve acquired throughout the years

I specifically selected topics and insights that are valuable to anyone working within the accounting and tax preparation field of endeavor regardless if you’re an office of two or twenty.   The information provided is an amalgamation of literally thousands of hours of education and research I’ve completed throughout the last decade and a half.

This short introductory video will walk you through the details.   And you’ll find a Contact Form on a following page with which you can use to setup a meeting.

Thanks So Much!  

Robert Gohrs


PS:      This is intended for owners and managing partners

PSS:   To avoid playing phone tag, please contact me via my online Contact Form