Even though I seriously enjoy learning about the Tax Laws and I love teaching and helping taxpayers, even though I know my way through most 1040 related taxation, even though I have increasingly pursued Continuing Education, and even though I am certified through the IRS Annual Filing Season Program, there is just some much more to being in business that overshadows this endeavor.


There’s nothing harder than running a business when you do 100% of the work 100% of the time.   This isn’t about hard work, it’s about working smart.   The higher your productivity the higher your profits and the more time you ultimately enjoy.   Low productivity does nothing but consume your most valuable resource, TIME.


I’d like to keep servicing my customers as well as develop new customers.   My customer list includes both higher and lower ticket preparation services and many of my customers don’t really need my direct involvement.   This doesn’t mean I wish to stop helping them, but to does mean that my time would be better spent pursuing higher ticket sales thus to continue providing quality service for these customers I need help.


The most critical aspect of business is to find qualified prospects and then successfully convert them into paying customers.   I wish to focus more on this task and be a little less focused on paperwork.   There’s so much more too being in business than just filling out forms and entering data into a software application, yet such tasks can be overwhelming.

Promotion & Marketing, Relationship Building, Office Systemization, Computers & Software, Security and Backups…   Just a few basic concepts that are as important to knowledge of the Tax Laws and understanding the Regulations.


As a one-man operation, I am extremely limited at what I can do yet there are so many aspects of the tax preparation, accounting industry to explore from Tax Debt Resolution to Retirement Planning to Business Consulting to Bookkeeping and Payroll just to name a few.

This industry is often considered seasonal yet you and I both know that you spend countless hours during the off months preparing for the months when deadlines need to be met.

And all too often during the off months money can flow out of your bank account like water through a firehose.   Worse yet, you often cannot handle the added work when it’s available.

It’s a terrible intimacy when your business drags behind you like the heavy chains Jacob Marley was forced to bear throughout eternity.   You can literally drown within the details of your business by working so hard “IN” your business that you have no time to work “ON” your business.


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