We been helping individual taxpayers just like you since 2002, providing personalized service custom tailored to your needs.    If your self-employed or unemployed, or retired we can help you fulfill your Tax Obligations  as well as plan for the future.   

Don’t trust this intimate responsibility to just anyone choose carefully.

Not only do prepares vary spectacularly, but just because someone has a fancy title doesn’t guarantee they are a good preparer.   Tax Preparation is as much an art as it is a science.   The facts (rules) are only one part of the equation.

We Will Help You With

We can help you fulfill most of your Tax Filing and Payment  Requirements whether it be for Federal, State, or Local Taxes.

Indiviudal Taxes

Complete and detailed review of your individual tax situation explained in simple, easy to understand terms

Self-Employed Taxes

Tailored especially for self-employed taxpayers and Rental Property Owners

Tax Planning

Successful Tax Planning isn't a matter of success or failure, but a failure to plan

Estimated Taxes

Helping you plan to pay taxes timely when they're are not withheld by your employer

Pennsylvania taxes

We help you fulfill all State and Local filing requirements


We will file your Rent or Property Tax Rebate Claim.

Most people these days do not Tax Plan. They just blindly make financial decisions hoping everything works out OK. And thanks, in no small part, to the complex and contradictive Tax Laws it’s very easy for the average Tax Payer to overpay never knowing anything is wrong.


Refunds sent from the IRS and State are 100% free of charge, but Fee Collect is a Bank Product which incurs added fees

Fee Collect PAYMENT

You may pay all your Preparation Fees via your Tax Refund


Have your Tax Refund Directly Deposited into your Bank Account


Don't have a Bank Account, no problem, receive your refund on a Credit Card

The Tax Laws are spectacularly complex with almost endless nuances and exceptions. Those who do not have a well-rounded education in the Tax Laws simple do not comprehend just how much they do not know.


We will help you fulfill your tax responsibilities by preparing prior year tax returns, filing amendments , and arranging payment plans.


We will file Federal, State, and Local amendments for any tax year


We'll file requests to the IRS for a Payment Plan Taylor to your needs


We'll file all your prior year tax returns to help get you up-to-date